Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans

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Overview:Basketball BeansGame

Basketball Beans is a unique and exciting sports game for mobile devices, now available on the web (PC). In this game, players will control a pea-shaped character and participate in exciting and funny basketball matches.

The way to play Basketball Beans is relatively simple. The main goal of the player is to score as many points by throwing the balls into the basket. You will move your character on the football field by swiping across the screen or using the controls displayed. Move flexibly and subtly to properly position and prepare for your throws.

When ready, the player will hold and release on the screen to throw the ball into the basket. To get a high score, you need to determine the direction and strength to accurately throw and target the basket. During the game, you will face challenges and obstacles, such as movable or time-limited obstacles, which increase the challenge and reward your dexterity and accuracy.

How To Play:Basketball BeansGame

Drag to move and put the ball into the basket..

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About of Basketball Stars

It was a fight full of excitement and excitement. In this match, you will have to show your talent through spectacular shots. Dribbling, smart passing and accurate shooting will be the key points to win. This is a game for those who love basketball and want to show off their abilities. Confidently throw the ball in the air and prove you are the king of this game. With skillful ball moves and top-notch techniques, you will become a real boxer on the football field.