Basketball Legends 2020

Basketball Legends 2020

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Overview:Basketball Legends 2020Game

"Basketball Legends 2020" is an online sports and fighting game based on basketball. In this game, you can choose one of the famous players and participate in exciting basketball matches. The object of the game is to win by scoring more points than the opponent in the allotted time.


Choose game mode: The game offers many different game modes. You can play alone (with single player mode) or play with friends through multiplayer fighting mode.

Choose a player: After choosing the game mode, you will have the opportunity to choose a player from the list of famous players. Each player has its own special skills and abilities. Choose the player you like and feel comfortable with to start the game.

Fight in the match: The match starts after you choose everything. Use the keyboard or on-screen joysticks to control the player and perform actions such as moving, throwing, defending and scoring.

Use special skills: Each player in the game has its own special skill. Learn and use these skills to your advantage in the match and score more points than your opponent.

Win the match: Your goal is to win by scoring more points than your opponent in the allotted time. Use your skills, tactics and wits to outsmart your opponents and win the match.

How To Play:Basketball Legends 2020Game

Player One
WASD - Move
B - Shoot / Perform action
S - Pump / Block
V - Supershot
D (twice) - Dash.

Player Two
Arrow keys - Move
L - Shoot / Perform action
DOWN Arrow - Pump / Block
K - Supershot
LEFT Arrow (twice) - Dash.

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About of Basketball Stars

It was a fight full of excitement and excitement. In this match, you will have to show your talent through spectacular shots. Dribbling, smart passing and accurate shooting will be the key points to win. This is a game for those who love basketball and want to show off their abilities. Confidently throw the ball in the air and prove you are the king of this game. With skillful ball moves and top-notch techniques, you will become a real boxer on the football field.