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Drift Boss

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Overview:Drift BossGame

Drift Boss is a free online driving game. In this game you will experience the amazing drifting driving sensation.

Your goal in Drift Boss is to control your car to drift through corners without hitting obstacles or falling off the road. For every successful drift, you will earn bonus points and cash to upgrade your car.

You will start with a simple car, but through each level you can unlock and upgrade different car models for a better driving experience.

Drift Boss has beautiful graphics and vivid sound, giving you a great drift driving experience. You can also challenge your friends by sharing your score and see who is the best drift car driver.

So, if you want to experience exciting drift driving, try playing Drift Boss now!

How To Play:Drift BossGame

- Start the app and select "Play" to start the game.

- On the screen you will see a track with your current bends and score.

- Use navigation keys (or click buttons) to control the vehicle. The way you move, the car will drift through the bends and the player will receive a score based on the correct time and drift.

- Try to drift as long as possible, while avoiding colliding with objects or outside the track, as this may cause loss of points.

- Keep drifting and collect points to improve your personal achievements and climb the leaderboard.

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