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Dunk Fall

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Overview:Dunk FallGame

Dunk Fall is a sports game combined with puzzle elements in which players need to "dunk" the ball from above to score points. The game has simple but addictive gameplay mechanics, bringing a sense of excitement and challenge to players.

Salient features:
- Beautiful graphics and vivid sound effects create an enjoyable experience for players.

- Gameplay is simple but challenging, requiring players to have quick reflexes and rhythmic control skills.

- There is an increasing difficulty level to ensure diversity and challenge for players.

- Score system and leaderboard help players compete and compete with friends.

How To Play:Dunk FallGame

The player controls a character that can move left, right, or jump to create momentum for the "dunk" phase.

The goal is to get the ball into the basket through the obstacles and get the highest score possible. The score is calculated based on the height at which the ball "dunks" the basket and the number of jumps before scoring.

The game also has different challenging chess boards for players to overcome.

To play Dunk Fall well, you should use the following keys:

- Use the left arrow key and the right arrow key to move the character left or right on the floor.

- Use UP ARROW KEY to jump to higher platforms or reach higher corners to dunk into the basket.

- Use the down arrow key to jump down faster or slow down as needed to get the right angle and force to dunk into the basket.

- Use Space key to perform dunk movement. When the character reaches the right position and necessary height, press the Space key to make the character perform the movement to hit the ball into the basket.

- Use the Esc key to pause or exit the game.

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