Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot

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Overview:Dunk ShotGame

Dunk Shot is a simple and addictive video game where the player is tasked with placing the ball in the basket by performing creative dunks. This famous game is popular on mobile devices and gives players exciting moments of entertainment.

How to play Dunk Shot is very simple and easy to understand. The player's goal is to move and dunk correctly to put the ball in the basket. To do this, you will control a lovely horizontal bar at the bottom screen of the game. You need to move the bar left and right to catch the ball and perform a dunk.

The dunk phase will happen when you drop the ball making it move continuously upwards and touch the horizontal bar. Gravity will pull the ball down and you need to place and throw the ball into the basket correctly to score. At the same time, the game also adds challenging elements such as motion impediments and dynamic obstacles, which require quick reflexes and creativity to overcome and achieve high scores.

How To Play:Dunk ShotGame

Drag the left mouse button to aim, and release it to shoot the ball.

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