Hungry Box - Eat before time runs out

Hungry Box - Eat before time runs out

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Overview:Hungry Box - Eat before time runs outGame

Hungry Box is a fun game for everyone. In this game, the player will take on the role of a hungry box. The player's task is to eat as much food as possible before time runs out.

The "hungry box" will run only through the moving stick. Think quickly to control the length of "red" stick by click and hold on the screen. Make the "hungry box" always inside the screen layout while hunting any foods.

In each level, there will be different dishes on the screen such as pizza, hamburger, sushi, popcorn, bread, drinks, and many other foods. Players need to move the hungry box and eat these dishes by using the navigation keys on the keyboard or touch screen.

However, not all foods are healthy. Some dishes will reduce the score or reduce the player's time. Therefore, players need to consider and choose healthy foods to increase their score and maintain playing time.

The game has different levels with increasing difficulty, food appears faster and more and more. Players need to react quickly so as not to miss any dishes and eat as much food as possible before time runs out.

How To Play:Hungry Box - Eat before time runs outGame

Help "Hungry Box" get something to eat before time runs out. You only have 10 seconds. Every time the food is eaten, the time will reset.

There are many mysterious boxes containing: fruits, food, robots, ghosts, superheroes, .... Try to get the highest score and unlock all the mysterious boxes.

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