Tallman Dunk Rush

Tallman Dunk Rush

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Overview:Tallman Dunk RushGame

Tallman Dunk Rush is an action and sports game with a puzzle element in which the player assumes the role of a tall athlete with exceptional basketball dunk abilities. The goal of the game is to help players make the most impressive dunks and score as many points as possible.

Tallman Dunk Rush game is designed with beautiful graphics and smooth dynamics, giving players engaging experiences. Players will be placed in a challenging basketball court, with different hurdles and obstacles.

Enjoy with Tallman Dunk Rush a popular game of obstacle courses combined with basketball in which you will have to help our main character to avoid obstacles and increase or decrease his height on the places where he has to dunk.

Some say playing basketball makes you taller, and in this game, this is true! Your objective here is to grow as tall as you can by making correct choices and getting the highest score at the end of each run. When you start the game, your character will be at the shortest height.


Passing through red doors and hitting obstacles will make you shorter. You can't dunk the ball to the basket hoops taller than you, so try your best to keep your height tall to complete all the challenges on your way and become unstoppable.

It seems simple, but only if you are quick and agile in making decisions will you be able to complete all your challenges without suffering a single blow. Avoid the obstacles that are taller than you, try not to collide with those that are smaller, make baskets only in the baskets according to your height and when you reach the end of the course, multiply your score by the highest.

How To Play:Tallman Dunk RushGame

Click and hold on the screen to make your character run, and move your mouse left or right to move sideways. To make your character taller, pass through blue doors, overtake the rival characters shorter than you, and dunk the ball to the baskets shorter than you.


Use your mouse to play.

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